Blue Ribbon goes
straight to the source:
your water

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We provide water purification systems that can reduce common water contaminants including more than 96% of chlorine and chlorine by-products, 99% of lead, PFOA and PFAS (the forever chemicals) microbial cysts like Giardia, rust and sediment that are picked up as water travels through aging pipes to your home.

What we do:


• Research your municipality’s water reports to understand your specific water conditions.

• Select the right filtering to provide you with great tasting, healthy water.

• Schedule and install the system with “Blue Ribbon” customer experience.

• Monitor the water for changes that might require different filters.

• Maintain the system (cleaning and flushing) and replace the selected filters so you don’t need to worry.

• Promote safe water and clean oceans.

What’s in your water?

Thirsty from a workout? Ready to relax in the tub? Time for the next laundry load? You may want to consider what’s in your water before you fill the glass, hop in the tub or start the washer.

Whether from a well or town, the water from your faucet can contain iron, magnesium, and calcium as well as disinfection compounds like chlorine or chloramines. While these disinfectants may be effective in removing harmful bacteria from the water, they are not good for your body, whether added naturally or not. Sulfur can cause a rotten egg smell. Rust or manganese can turn your water brown. Excessively dry skin and hair can result from chlorine and chloramines. Beyond affecting the food you cook, clothes you clean, and shower and bath, the water from your tap impacts the lifespan of appliances by exposing your dishwasher, washing machine and refrigerator to those same contaminants.

That’s where Blue Ribbon Water can make all the difference, bringing clean water, peace of mind and healthier living to your home.

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Learn what’s in your local water
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