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For years our family purchased gallon-sized plastic jugs of spring water for drinking to supplement our tap water, which met safety standards, but tasted terrible. The jugs were soon replaced by single-use plastic water bottles for sports, backpacks, and boat rides. While this was convenient, our own kids were discussing the impact these single-use plastic water bottles had on our oceans. This gave us reason to pause. As people living by the sea and concerned about the health of our family and the planet, we looked for another solution.



We found and installed a filter system that drastically improved the taste of our local water. It was accessible from a single spout, with a plastic hose that sat next to our main kitchen faucet. We relied on this water source for more than 15 years.


While moving to our next home, we sought a water filtration system that would provide safe, great tasting water from every faucet for toothbrushing, showers and drinking from the upstairs faucet in the middle of the night. We asked family and friends for recommendations and discovered that no one had one. We did some research, identified a product and installed a whole-house water filtration system. The impact was immediately recognizable in better tasting water, cleaner clothes and dishes and, we were using our tap water with confidence.

Months passed by as they do while living our lives, and after being in our home for more than one year, we realized that our water filters had not been replaced. We started a frustrating attempt to contact our service provider, and after 5 weeks of pursuit, we learned that our filters were more than 6 months past their useful life. Not only were they useless, but they were potentially contaminating our water! As proactive homeowners and health-conscious people, we were shocked and frustrated. We knew we were not alone in our quest for quality, clean water and decided to address the problem.

Our health, our family and our environment is too important to ignore this challenge, so Blue Ribbon Water was created not only to deliver great tasting, healthier water, but to provide exceptional, full customer service that includes quick friendly response, timely service, and scheduled maintenance and filter changes. We do all the work, so you don’t need to worry.

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