Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a whole-house water filtration system?

We all do. Municipal water facilities adhere to EPA requirements to keep our water microbe and bacteria free and safe to drink. But safe does not necessarily equal healthy. They cannot, for example, eliminate every contaminant and health risk. As your water travels through aging pipes to your home, it picks up trace amounts of rust, sediment and other unwanted particles.

What are the benefits?

Benefits of a Blue Ribbon Water whole-house water filtration system include clean, healthy water for your family, friends, pets, and vegetable gardens. Enjoy chemical-free cooking, healthier skin and hair and clothing that looks brighter and whiter. Water filtration systems are also shown to increase the life of appliances. As an eco-friendly company, Blue Ribbon Water strives to reduce the use of single-use plastics by promoting refillable water bottles and products that are reusable.

Who will install and maintain my system?

Blue Ribbon Water is responsible for the installation and maintenance of your water filtration system.

How often will my filters be changed?

Blue Ribbon Water will send an automated reminder to schedule water filter replacements every six months. The cost of filter replacements will be provided with your whole-house water filtration estimate.

Where is the water filtration system placed in my home?

Water filtration units are installed where the water line enters your home or business. Blue Ribbon Water systems can be fitted to meet your space requirements.

What does a Blue Ribbon Water system look like?

The Blue Ribbon Water system features single-filter filtration. The system is installed near the water lines and the single filter is intentionally designed to take up minimal space.

How much does a whole-house water filtration system cost?

Community water sources face unique challenges and each Blue Ribbon Water system is customized to meet your needs. Please call us at 1-877-410-1793 or email us at to discuss your municipal water source and our recommendations.